Senior Management

W. Patrick McDowell View Bio »

Chairman & CEO

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Charles Koslosky View Bio »

Managing Director - Chief Financial Officer

Debbie Dillon View Bio »

Managing Director, Asset Management

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Jake Gentling View Bio »

Senior Vice President, Acquisitions

Brittany Burckhard View Bio »

Assistant Vice President, Acquisitions

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Acquisitions Analyst

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Christopher Shear View Bio »

Managing Director

Ariana Brendle View Bio »

Development Manager

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Andrew Meador View Bio »

Director of Capital Projects

Camille McDowell View Bio »

Director of Asset Design

Bunny Blake View Bio »

Vice President, Asset Management

Colin Santos View Bio »

Vice President, Asset Management

Justin Jacaman View Bio »

Capital Projects Manager

Travis Rann View Bio »

Capital Projects Manager

Emily White View Bio »

Associate Asset Manager

Brandy Cerbone View Bio »

Project Design Manager

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Jeana-Corker View Bio »

Senior Vice President - Head of Capital Formation and Investor Relations

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Manpreet Dhadda View Bio »

Vice President, Finance

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Jon-Paul Karam View Bio »

Real Estate Financial Analyst

Louellie Ferrer View Bio »

Accounting Technician